Model M3

The robot technology to enhance the clothes here “Bereki”

Automation For Fashion (AFF), young and technologically advanced brand offers a range of unique patented robotic mannequins: the must of the most exclusive clothing shops.
An in-depth research coupled with a team of technicians and craftsmen with years of experience in robotics automation, led to the birth of Bereki, the moving mannequin that can interact with the public through sensor that allow you to change position and enhance the clothes worn.
Due to technical training and experience gained in robotics automation AFF is able to realize dynamic shop-windows and advertising spaces, to give form and movement to the scenery using countless types of choreographic applications.
In a demanding market driven by hi-tech, Bereki is a unique technological product that place an utmost attention to design, a primary importance in AFF achievements, with the aim of creating some innovative value to modern shop-windows.

PROJECT: After a careful analysis and statistical evaluation we started the design and technical study to achieve an efficient substitute to the classic mannequin.


Our mannequin is able to operate in any space continuously without any problem. With its technologically advanced control system, allows the programming of sequences of movement and pause, giving maximum flexibility. Perfectly pond with IP67 protection grade is easily washable without risk of damaging the components. The reinforced structure makes it very stable and resistant in case you accidentally bumped. Our mannequin is able to meet your needs without any problems. Designed for durability is achieved with the highest quality materials.

Interactive Sensor All the electronics installed is of the highest quality and reliability has also successfully met the toughest endurance tests involving millions of movements and the application of mechanical stress to the heavy components to ensure the utmost quality. Each individual element is tested and checked by experienced and qualified.
Thanks to the use of the interactive sensor and high efficiency electronics, the mannequin is able to move and interact with the passage of a person. The interactive sensor is able to count the number of people in order to allow the user to know at end of day the number of people transited front of the window. the scope of the sensor is 3 meters.

Constructive Material

The entire mannequin is built on an innovative and is very resistant to impact and environmentally compatible. It can be easily assembled thanks to its rapid connection system.
Resulting practical and extremely versatile.


Our mannequins Bereki move their pelvis, head and upper limbs which may support different objects. The head with realistic face greatly increases the resemblance to a human being. From the numerous tests made use of a large sample of people, we found that this similarity coupled to the movement leads through to linger. In a few weeks of using the acquisition cost is amply repaid.

Commercial Proposal

Our products are delivered directly by AFF complete with built-in optical sensor and platform. does not require additional external instruments.

Our mannequin Bereki M3 is configured as follows:
Woman Robot Mannequin with head movement, arm and pelvis.
The arms are curved in order to hold any items.
The mannequin is inclusive of its standard platform, panel programming and built-in interactive motion sensor.

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