Customized products

The ability to act freely in the design phase of mechanical components also in the electronics developement opens the door to the creation of innovative solutions that go to meet specific needs that until now could not find answers if not adapting “temporary” solutions of palliative problems . Access to productive technologies digitized marked by high production quality and quick change of works has made customized solutions finally competitive also in economic terms . Clearly if all these components are conjugated and managed within the same organizational structure springs from a winning weapon to respond to requests that have not found answers or solutions obtained economically unfeasible .
Besides this continuous search for solutions gives us an in-depth knowledge , expertise and experience that helps us in the new achievements and at the same time enriches the range of solutions and variants of our products.
This runs faster continuous development of our website and we do not hesitate to discuss your problems and needs that could not be answered in the pages of our site. We are at your disposal to listen to you and offer you solutions and appropriate products .

The Rotating Platforms of the F-series optimized to take pictures and video 360°

Serie -F

F-Series Rotating Platforms

The Rotating Platforms of the F-series : optimized to take pictures and video 360°

Here’s an example of how one of our customers used our platform PG70F to create 3D visualizations of artistic objects on your site

3D visual art

The technology and creativity AFF for the big names in international design

Type PG320C

Thrust bearings for larger tables of China

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